Eat Drink Local 2018

Join us on a journey with local connoisseurs to deepen your culinary knowledge through nine exclusive hands-on workshops. As our local food economy has grown stronger and more connected than ever, we realize the value in getting back to the basics. Over the past ten years, Eat Drink Local has served to encourage support for farm-to-table restaurants and home cooking with local, seasonal ingredients. We can’t wait to embark on another local food exploration with our community. This year features ice cream, preserves, cheese, tacos, beer and more! All such great reasons to #eatdrinklocal.

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Preserving Texas with confituras

Thursday, March 22
6 p.m.-8 p.m.


confituras little kitchen
If you’ve ever tried the jams from confituras, you’ve experience how fabulously owner Stephanie McClenny preserves local bounty. Here’s your chance to learn about canning from the best, in the brand new confituras little kitchen. The demo will use local, seasonal fruit and you’ll leave with both some priceless knowledge on canning and a full-size 6 ounce jar of confituras preserves. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Austin Food & Wine Alliance.




Tacos & Tap with Austin Taco Project

Thursday, May 17
7 p.m.

Austin Taco Project
Dive into the world of street food with Austin Taco Project! Chef Kevin Spencer will talk about the ingredients, methods and global importance of street food. Of course, there will be some eating involved as well! Tastings of foods from three different regions of the world will be provided along with recipes, so you can make the dishes at home yourself.



meat web

Go Whole Hog with US Foods

June 2018; More information coming soon

US Foods
Bacon is a favorite of the food world, but pork also has much more to offer! In this class with US Foods, you'll learn how to butcher and breakdown a hog—This one is for the major fans of meat. With four stations that focus on different cuts, you'll get to see all the work that goes into your favorite pork-y platters. From roasts to ribs, you'll be ready to take your own hog home and impress your friend and family with your newfound skills.



ice cream

Pick Your Flavor with Lick Honest Ice Creams

Sunday, July 15

Lick Honest Ice Creams
Summer in Texas is prime for consuming tons of ice cream, so our July class with Lick Honest Ice Creams couldn’t come at a better time! Join Edible Austin and the Lick co-founders for a workshop on creating irresistible ice cream at home. Participants will get a chance to churn their own ice cream and leave with a fantastic frozen treat. A portion of the proceeds from this class will benefit the Rondald McDonald House Charities.



sausage 2

Build Your Own Bratwurst with US Foods

August 2018; More information coming soon

                                        US Foods
Making your own sausage can yield results much more delicious (and personalized) than you could ever find in the grocery store. Learn how to whip up a wurst with US Foods at their step-by-step sausage making class. The class will cover grinding, seasoning and stuffing, so you'll leave with the knowledge to be ready to make your own flavorful links anytime the craving strikes.




Make Whey with Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese

Saturday, September 15
11 a.m.-2 p.m.


Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese - 508 Hickory Ridge Rd., Manchaca, TX
See the cheesemaking process from milk to the final tasty product at our class with local raw cheesemaker Dos Lunas Cheese. Owner Joaquin Avellan will walk us through the history of cheese, and how the aging process works (with samples to go along, of course). Here’s your chance to learn the ins and outs of cheese while tasting Dos Lunas artisan varieties. If this class gives you the cheese-making bug, you'll have the opportunity to buy a take-home kit after the event—And everyone leaves with some Queso Fresco!



bbq sauce small

Mix It Up with Cannon + Belle

Saturday, October 20
3 p.m.–5 p.m.

Cannon + Belle
Join us at Cannon + Belle for a barbecue experience like none other. Executive Chef Yesica Arredondo will guide us through the differences in barbecue sauces from the various regions in the United States. Guests will then be divided into teams and have 20 minutes to handcraft their very own barbecue sauce in this culinary throw down. Sauces will then be tasted and all guests will be able to take home some of their own sauce!




All Things Cookie with Make It Sweet

Thursday, December 6
6:30 p.m.–9 p.m.

Make It Sweet
Cookies are a staple of the dessert world; they’re perfect for potlucks, parties and when you’re just craving something sweet. With so many kinds of cookies to master, finding the best recipes can be overwhelming. Join us at Make It Sweet for a class on all things cookie, where you will be provided with the tools to make and bake multiple types of cookies, and then take your treats home to share.




edl icons 05

Crack Open a Cold One with The ABGB

Thursday, February 15


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