9 Soups to Keep You Warm This Winter
Winter is here, and boy is it cold outside! Fight the arctic fronts with some delicious soups, and stay warm this January.

Here are 9 dishes ranging from corn soup, to puréed butternut squash, to Vietnamese noodle soup. Although these recipes originate from around the globe, they have one thing in common: All of these soups taste amazing.


1. “My Name is Anne Marie and I Hoard the Tecolote Chiles” Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup 2
Photography by Jote Khalsa

Spice lovers, this is the soup for you! This south of the border-inspired dish will warm up your stomach and your mouth.


2. Carly’s “Friend-Hug in a Jar” Smoky Butternut Squash Soup with Curry-Roasted Seeds

Smoky Butternut
Photography by Jote Khalsa

If you're looking for relaxation food, this is the dish for you. Serving up both smooth squash and savory flavors, this soup is a simple go-to.


3. Susan’s “Ton of Butter” Sopa Verde de Elote

Elote Verde
Photography by Jote Khalsa

It's in the title, folks! The butter is there in this recipe, and this zucchini-filled soup is sure to cure any chills.


4. Jote’s Mom’s “Generations-Pleasing” Fakie Chicken Noodle Soup

Fakie Chicken Noodle
Photography by Jote Khalsa

Vegetarians crave chicken noodle soup too, and this meatless version is just as good as its classic counterpart.


5. Marcela’s Husband’s “Special Favors” Spicy Carrot Coconut Soup

Carrot Soup
Photography by Jote Khalsa

Looking for another spicy soup? The flavors in this dish will both warm you up and excite your tastebuds.


6. Ray Benson's Corn Soup

corn soup
Photography by Melanie Grizzel

This soup is the definition of creamy; with 7 cups of whole milk and over a stick of butter, Benson's soup is the epitome of warmth.


7. Caldo de Rez (Beef Soup)

beef soup
Photography by Kate Lesueur

This light-bodied soup is reminiscent of a pho with root vegetables, and is best served with flame-toasted corn tortillas, or some johnnycakes and butter.


8. Amy’s “Wagon-Draggin’, Lid-Poppin’” Golden Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Golden Cauliflower
Photography by Jote Khalsa

Potatoes and cauliflower help make this soup amazing. It's also easy to make, so if the cold makes you only want to sleep, this is the recipe for you!


9. Jim Spencer’s “Severe” Weather Soup

spencer soup
Photography by Kate Lesueur

Here is the classic soup to keep you warm when it's unpleasant outdoors, from Austin's very own weather expert.

Compiled by Darby Kendall