8 Dangerously Good Cocktails

Prohibition may be in the past, but Americans' appreciation of classic liquors continues strongly today. January 17th marks National Bootlegger's Day, and we thought, what better way to celebrate than by having a great cocktail? To stick with the old fashioned theme, these eight drinks feature either whiskey or rum, two essential players in America's boozy history.


1. Blackberry Bounce

Photography by Jo Ann Santangelo

Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking always has the best cocktails, and this whiskey-based drink is no exception! This reciped puts a tart spin on your beverage with blackberry bitters.


2. The Rye Mule

rye mule
Courtesy of Cooper Family Rye

If you're a fan of the classic moscow mule, this is the bootleg beverage for you. This simple cocktails substitutes rye for vodka, and it's as delcious as its iconic counterpart.


3. Sazerac

Photography by Aimee Wenske

Although this recipe classically calls for Cognac, The Tipsy Texan's version subs whiskey. Plus, this recipe includes absinthe, one of the most regulated (and bootlegged) alcohols in modern history.


4. Indian Paintbrush

Photography by Dustin Meyer

Named for the native Texas flower, this sweet, semi-herbal drink is a hit with whiskey lovers. 


5. Vieux Carré Cocktail

Courtesy of Kooper Family Rye

Rye and cognac come together in this cocktail to make one delightful drink. Bonus for bitters lovers - this cocktail calls for a couple kinds!


6. The Macintosh

Photography by Jenna Northcutt

With this cocktail, a drink a day may keep the doctor away. Fresh, diced apple is muddled with two cherries for the recipe, creating a fruity, irresistible beverage.


7. Suffering Baptist

suffering baptist
Photography by Jenna Northcutt

A variation on the classic Suffering Bastard cocktail, this drink features Waco's native whiskey from Balcones Distillery. Go local!


8. Kooper Family Old-Fashioned

old fashioned
Courtesy of Kooper Family Rye

The go-to drink of this Dripping Springs rye company is perfect for fans of citrus. Check out our story on the folks behind Kooper Family Rye here!

Compiled by Darby Kendall