7 of Austin's Most Musical Cooks

Folks, mark your calendars; Saturday, April 22 is the 10th annual celebration of Record Store Day. What better way to prepare for a vinyl shopping spree than to read up on staples of the local music scene? From country artists to concert promoters, folk musicians to singer-songwriters, here are seven times we've gone into the kitchens of the city's musical cornerstones. Put on a good song and grab your apron, because you're going to want to try out their tasty recipes.


1. Robert Earl Keen

Photography by Kate LeSueur

Country icon Robert Earl Keen takes us into his Kerrville ranch kitchen to share his fabulous chili recipe chock-full of deer and beans (sorry, Texas chili lovers). Read about Keen's cooking mantras, and get some great tips on how to shape a cowboy hat in this piece.


2. The Quesadas

Photography by Kate LeSueur

Adrian Quesada, a musical jack-of-all-trades, and Celeste Quesada, a professional event planner, run a lively household with their three daughters, a dog, two parakeets and three chickens. Adrian's music isn't the only thing influenced by the family's Latin heritage; their recipe for “Molcajete de Manitas” makes the perfect breakfast dish.


3. Seela Misra

Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Seela Misra's rehearsal space is in her home, and since the groups she works with can contain over 15 artists, she knows how to cook for many. Thought she hated Indian food as a kid, Misra now embraces it and uses the cuisine's fabulous flavors to keep her fellow musicians happy.


4. Michael Fracasso

Photography by Kate LeSueur

Since one of Michael Fracasso's favorite things is hosting a combo cooking/house concert, he's no stranger to working with food. In fact, in his own backyard the garden hosts tomatoes, squash, Swiss chard, basil, watermelon, eggplant and cucumbers. This story features an irresistible gnocchi recipe passed down from Fracasso's Italian mother, so it's a must-read!


5. Eliza Gilkyson

Photography by Marc Brown

Eliza Gilkyson may no longer be the chef in her household, but she still loves to be around food. After coming home from a tour, her husband, University of Texas journalism professor Robert Jensen, will whip up a big vegetarian meal for the both of them. Find one of her favorite dishes, Back-from-the-road rice and greens, at the bottom of the article.


6. Amy Corbin

Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Music promoter Amy Corbin prides herself on being able to put together a good meal in thirty minutes, so you know her cooking tips are good. Learn more about Corbin's German roots, her recipe for Chicken Bow Wow, as well as her juggling of three daughters and the running of C3 Presents.


7. Ray Benson

benson 1
Photography by Melanie Grizzel

In this feature, Ray Benson shares plenty of his wisdom about life on the road, as well as his recipe for comforting corn soup. Benson is a connoisseur of cooking supplies, as he often spends his time on the tour bus shopping for his kitchen. Read up on his smoker, portable deep fryer, outdoor pizza oven, grill and the rest of his interesting kitchen collection.

Compiled by Darby Kendall