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8 of Our Favorite Articles

In case you haven't heard, it's our anniversary month! To celebrate 10 years of publishing, we've asked our team to share the articles they love the most. Though favorites range from Cooks at Home to DIY Dog Food, one thing we can agree on is that they're all hits. Enjoy!


1. Liquid Love

Photography by Jote Khalsa

Our copy editor Anne Marie says she has "oodles of favorites," so it was hard for her to pick just one! She ended up deciding on this soup-swapping story because she returns to these recipes all the time. Hopefully you can find some soups you'll always use in this article as well.


2. The Big Short Order

restaurant bubble 2
Photography by Marshall Wright

Jenna, one half of our awesome pair of publishers, chose this article because it was a departure from some of our regular stories, and it really highlights what's happening in the industry right now. Read up on the state of Austin's restaurant bubble for yourself with this in-depth story.


3. The Mark of a Chef

IMG 8185 38
Photography by Alison Narro

This story was chosen by our advertising director, Dawn! If you want to see some seriously cool chef-centric ink, this article has plenty. Featuring cooks from Juniper, Dai Due and Barley Swine, The Mark of a Chef takes you on a visual trip around Austin's food scene, and tells the meaning behind the tattoos.


4. Wendy Davis

Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Darby, our administrative assistant, says her favorite story is the Cooks at Home piece featuring Wendy Davis. Not only is Wendy an amazing woman, but the pasta she made for the feature looks delicious! Step into the former Texas State Senator's kitchen, and learn more about her life outside of politics.


5. Bypassing the Bubble

bubble 1
Photography by Dustin Meyer

This follow up piece to The Big Short Order was picked as a front-runner by one of our fabulous marketing specialists, Christine. The story takes a look at five Austin restaurateurs that are thriving in the city's often unreliable market. These business owners are innovative enough to stand out in a satured city, and they make for a great read!


6. DIY Dog Food

Photography by Alison Narro

Raad the office dog loves this story, and we bet you can guess why. Pictured at the top of this page, Raad got to be in his very own photoshoot with his friend Biscuit for this piece! Featuring recipes for dogsicles, treats and basic dog food, this story is sure to be enjoyed by both dog owners and their canine companions.


7. Ray Benson

Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Ray Benson's Cooks at Home feature was a hit with Amy, the other half of our marketing specialist team! Benson, leader of the iconic band Asleep at the Wheel, takes us into his kitchen to explain how he makes his popular corn soup. Though the recipe appears relatively simple at first, it guarantees a good time, just as Benson's music always has.


8. Honoring the Animal

Photography by Marla Camp

This story on respecting the meat we eat was chosen by Marla, our Edible Austin founder and publisher for the past 10 years. Take an early morning trip to the ranch, and learn about the ethical raising and harvesting of cattle and bison. As Hugh Fitzsimmons says at the end of the story, "it makes you grateful for every bite you put in your mouth."

Note: You may have noticed that our editor Kim is missing from the list. That's because she couldn't possibly pick just one!

Compiled by Darby Kendall