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15 Dishes to Celebrate Soul Food Month

Okra, biscuits and pie, oh my! June is National Soul Food Month, and we are so ready to cook up some comfort food. Here are over a dozen of our favorite Southern recipes so you can celebrate with us.


1. Grandmother Billy's Fried Chicken

grandmas chicken

You just can't go wrong with a classic fried chicken recipe! This dish has been in Edible contributor Kristi Willis' family since before she came along, and will be passed down well into the future. Soul food is central to Southern family time, so why not fry up a batch of chicken with yours?


2. Corn Bread

dixie corn bread
Photography by Toni Tipton-Martin

Don't put that cast iron skillet up just yet; here's another soul food go-to whose recipe is handed down through generations. Easy to make, and often yielding extremely satisfying results, corn bread pairs perfectly with every other savory dish on this list.


3. Smoked Pork Shoulder

Photography by Ben Fink

Hickory and apple wood chips help give this pork shoulder its fantastic flavor. Though this recipe uses Cuban seasoning, it comes with instructions for a Lexington-style sauce, so the Southern taste is still around. Now get ready to break out the grill!


4. Ruby's BBQ Collard Greens

bbq collards
Photography by Lucinda Hutson

What are old-fashioned collards without a ham hock? Don't fret, this dish definitely includes one. This recipe comes from Pat Mares, owner of Austin favorite Ruby's BBQ, so you know it's gotta be good, as all staples of soul food should be!


5. Black-Bottom Pecan Sweet Potato Pie

pecan pie
Photography by Kenny Braun

This is a pie designed to please all who taste it; it features chocolate, pecans and sweet potato, creating delicious layers of texture and flavor. Whether you choose to serve it hot or cold, this pie will warm the hearts of all who eat it.


6. Brunch Biscuits with Paula's Texas Lemon Butter

Photograph courtesy of Breakfast in Texas

The recipe name may say brunch, but we promise that these biscuits are perfect any time of day. Not only is this bread delicious, but biscuits are actually envorinmentally destined to be soul food. Wheat grown in the South is more suited to the making of quick breads, meaning they taste better down here!


7. Southern-Fried Quail with Black-Eyed Peas and Red-Eye Gravy

Photography by Knoxy

Of course black eyed peas had to make an appearance on this list, along with the essential side dish of green beans. Don't be intimidated by the quail in this recipe; the steps are simple, and they yield amazing results.


8. Pickled Okra

okra 1
Photography by Max Elliott

These pickled delights are perfect for summer barbecues, meaning you should prep them for the upcoming season starting now! The okra takes four to six weeks to pickle, but we promise the wait is so worth it.


9. Mimi's Perfect Piecrust

pie 1
Photography by Jules Slütsky

For those who opt to buy pie crust at the store, fear making it yourself no longer. This recipe only calls for four ingredients, and with pie crust, practice makes perfect, so go ahead and give it a try!


10. Seafood Filé Gumbo


Here's a dish for you seaside folks. It may be an intricate recipe, but the final results are fantastic, especially if you can get your hands on some fresh, local seafood.


11. Braised Collards in Tomato-Onion Gravy

Braised Collards
Photography by Angie Mosier

Here's a healthier alternative to the classic Southern collards recipe. The tomatoes in this dish make up for the lack of pork fat; charring them provides the dish with a smoky flavor reminiscent of ham hocks.


12. Fresh Blackberry Cobbler

Photography by Toni Tipton-Martin

Blackberry season is ending soon in Texas, so create this cobbler with fresh ingredients while you can! This delicious recipe also comes with instructions on how to make your own vanilla whipped cream, so we consider it a two-in-one on comforting desserts.


13. Cola-Fried Chicken

cola chicken

This unique recipe comes out of Mississippi, courtesy of Chef John Currence, so you know it has a good Southern flavor. The use of cola in this recipe adds a unique sweet flavor to the chicken, and the soda brine also helps tenderize the dish.


14. Chicken and Dumplings, Salt Pork Green Beans

chicken dumplings
Photography by Jules Slütsky

One of the ultimate comfort foods, a big batch of this dish is perfect to serve when groups of family and friends come over. Each dumpling is like a little bite of heaven, sure to please all who join you around the table.


15. Vegetable Corn Bread

vegetable corn bread
Photography by Angie Mosier

If you've been looking for a way to combine in-season ingredients with a flexible dish, we have the solution. The vegetables in this recipe can easily be interchanged, just be sure to keep the amount under five cups so the cornbread maintains its fantastic taste.

Compiled by Darby Kendall