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10 of Our Favorite Hip Girl Features

"The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking," one of our favorite columns and beloved brainchild of Kate Payne, has come to an end at Edible Austin after a six-year run. We congratulate Kate on her new position as executive director with Texas Farmers Market, and to celebrate, here are some of our favorite pieces from her! From kimchi to cocktails, she's kept our kitchen skills exceptionally cool over the years—These are certainly stories to look back on again and again.


1. In a Pickle

hggh pickledfruit

Of course we had to lead a hip girl classic, pickling! Fruit pickles are a more complex, grown-up incarnation of preserves, ideal for those of you who don't love sweets. These flavorful treats are the perfect garnish for a shrub, and they taste great on their own as well.


2. Mama Care and Postpartum Wellness

mama care

For mamas and their newborns to comfortably settle in, the postpartum period can last several months longer than the official six-week time frame. Eating well and staying relaxed are two of the best ways to make this time go smoothly, and The Hip Girl's Guide has a couple recipes to help all the new mamas out there ease into motherhood.


3. Crunch Time


Mastering the art of the gluten-free cracker can be difficult, but do not despair! When approached like a bread recipe, by simply modifying the type of flour used, countless crumble-free crackers can be made. You can find two reliable snacky recipes in this story.


4. The Shrub


Sometimes we want a fizzy, delicious beverage without the alcohol, so we turn to Kate's shrub recipes! Pickled fruit comes back in with these drinks, and lucky for us, the fermentation period to make the shrubs only takes a couple of days.


5. DIY Kimchi


If you love the taste of kimchi on your plate when eating out, but you've never dared to make it at home, here's a chance to learn from the best. Learn the basics of the fermented food and how to add your own local flavor to the batches.


6. Nutritional Yeast


As plenty of vegans and vegetarians know, nutritional yeast adds a delicious flavor to many non-dairy and meat-free meals. The stuff is rich in B vitamins and protein, and pairs well with many classic household snacks.


7. Spring Cocktails

spring cocktails

Spring weather for Central Texas is just around the corner, and we're drooling over these cocktail recipes in anticipation. Blackberries, marigolds, lemons and mint are utilized in these seasonal drinks.


8. The Fluff Stuff


Yes, the campfire staple you can finally make at home! Most marshmallows you find in the store contain unsavory additives (and little room for personalization), so we look to The Hip Girl's Guide for directions on a more enjoyable s'more.


9. Pickled Green Tomatoes


Fried green tomatoes are a classic, but have you ever tried fermented green tomatoes? Not only do they taste fantastic, but fermenting fruits and veggies enhances their vitamin and mineral content, so get to pickling!


10. Eating Her Curds and Whey


Ricotta is the ideal do-it-yourself cheese for those of you new to cheesemaking. It doesn't require rennet or aging, and can be used in lasagna, pie and whatever else your cheesy dreams can imagine.


Bonus! Hers and Hers Must-Have Kitchen Tools

cooks tools

If you're smitten with this list and wondering where to start once you return to your kitchen, take a look at this list of Kate & Jo Ann's favorite tools to use while cooking.

Compiled by Darby Kendall • Photography by Jo Ann Santangelo