10 of Our Most Popular Cooks at Home

There's no shortage of interesting and influential people in our community. From local chefs to politicians to musical heroes, many of Austin's favorite faces have invited us into their kitchens and their lives. Take a look back at our most popular Cooks at Home for inspiring stories and tempting recipes. 


1. Wendy Davis 

Davis 2
Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Join former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis in her kitchen as she reminisces on college days and talks Texas politics. This feature leaves us feeling not only inspired, but also hungry for some of her delicious pasta and bruschetta. There's simply nothing she doesn't do well. 


2. Ray Benson

Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Ray Benson has nine Grammys—ranging from best instrumentals to best packaging—a regional Emmy, 20-plus albums as leader of the iconic band Asleep at the Wheel, and a great recipe for corn soup. From his sense of humor to his stories, Benson is sure to leave you smiling. 

3. Kirk Watson

Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Senator Kirk Watson teaches us that politics can be as easy as pie. Diving deep into the household civics of desserts, Senator Watson shares the gripping story of the "Great Pie Recession" and the family recipe's journey back into the limelight. 


4. Ben and Liz Kweller

Photography by Melanie Grizzel

Ben and Liz Kweller takes us through their family history, from Argentina to Austin, through an elaborate feast. This power couple, made up of a world-renowned musician and a Grammy-nominated artist, inspire us with their dream of creating a more artistic and thoughtful world. 


5. Jim Spencer 

Photography by Kate LeSueur

While we can't forcast the weather, we can predict that you'll be smiling by the end of this feature. KXAN weather forecaster Jim Spencer invites us into his kitchen and serves us tales of a weatherman's life along with his mother's tomato soup. 


6. Robert Earl Keen

Photography by Kate LeSueur

Robert Earl Keen has his own way of doing things, from getting a cowboy hat to look just right to his bean-filled chili. Join this music legend in his kitchen as he offers up his pithy philosophy, wise cracked wisdom and saucy stories. 


7. The Quesadas

Photography by Kate LeSueur

For this family it's all about the colors, in life, in art and in their food. Adrian and Celeste Quesada, founders of Level One Studios and Craftbox Agency respectively, bring carrots, rainbow chard and herbs into their recipe for “Molcajete de Manitas,” ensuring it's boasting as much color as they are. 


8. Jack and Bryce Gilmore 

Photography by Marc Brown

These two chefs take local eating seriously. Jack and Bryce Gilmore show us the joys of the slow life, taking time to make their "Everything-we-need-right-here" Carnitas while enjoying the great Texas outdoors at their home in Marble Falls. 


9. Tyson Cole

Photography by Marc Brown

A delightful tale of a father on the quest to please three picky children, this feature on Uchi and Uchiko chef, Tyson Cole, will leave you as happy as you are envious of the fresh steelhead trout with strawberries, grapes, olive oil and white balsamic he serves up. 


10. Aaron and Stacy Franklin 

Photography by Whitney Arostegui

You don't need to wait in line to get a glimpse into the life of Franklin's Barbecue owner, Aaron Franklin. Grilling up a Tri-Tip Roast in his backyard, Aaron and Stacy share the story behind their ever-busy business. 

Compiled by Jennifer Lawrence