13 Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Texas summer is here! That means temperatures are soaring, swimming holes are packed, and we're thirsting for a refreshing drink. Luckily, it also means that some of our favorite fruits are in season: berries, stone fruits, melons, tomatoes and more! We've complied some of our most refreshing, thirst-quenching seasonal beverages that take advantage of the season's offerings. So grab a glass and enjoy! 


1. Blueberry-Bay Shrub

BBerry Shrub
Photography by Casey Woods

Blueberries are abundant between April and September, and they also happen to be the perfect sweet berry for a summer cocktail. Try this super easy shrub for an easy DIY cocktail. We promise you'll be anything but blue after one of these. 


2. Blackberry Bounce

Blackberry Bounce
Photography by Jo Ann Santangelo

Blackberries with whiskey—need we say more? This cocktail featuring one of Texas' greatest harvests will surely have you bouncing with joy. The recipe calls for blackberry bitters, and you can make your own with our recipe. 


3. Poteet Punch 

Poteet Punch
Photography by Jenna Northcutt

Nothing says summer like fresh strawberries, and nothing says strawberries like Poteet. Commonly known as the Strawberry Capital of Texas, Poteet is home to some of the sweetest strawberries in the land, so do them the honor of making this delicous cocktail. Picking the berries yourself is not necessary, but highly encouraged. 


4. Gibbons Cocktail

Photography by Jenna Northcutt

One of the most succulent symbols of summer is the tomato—the unchallenged favorite of America’s gardeners and farmers market shoppers. This refreshing recipe both shows off, and does justice to the amazing tomato. 


5. Strawberry Paloma

Straw Paloma
Photography by Casey Woods

Start with whole, ripe, local strawberries; add tequila, lime juice, grapfruit and Topo Chico, and finish it off with a refreshed sigh. This bubbly treat is sure to perk up your heat-related summer blues.


6.The Kentucky Peach

Photography by Jody Horton 

Fresh and juicy peaches are one of the sheer joys of summer in Central Texas. Take advantage of them by making your own peach syrup for this summery cocktail. This fruity drink makes us feel just peachy. 


7. Agarita-Rita

Photography by Holly Henderson 

Agarita is a wild berry that grows only in Texas. If you're an avid berry forager, or just happen to come upon some, we have the perfect take on the margarita that makes the most out of these tart beauties.  


8.Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon Mojito
Photography by Jenna Northcutt

There's nothing quite like watermelon on a summer day. Quench your thirst with this mojito that just shouts summer. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to crack open a melon on a scorching day?


9. Blackberry Jam

Photography by Jenna Northcutt

Two iconic summer fruits combine in this unexpected and delicious cocktail. If you love tequila but want to branch out past the margarita, try this drink!


10. Stonewall Sour

Peach thing
Photography by Jenna Northcutt

This gastrique—made from reducing and sweetening vinegar and peach juice, then combining with brandy—makes for a complex and dreamy summer cocktail. 


11. The a.k.a Yellow Snapper

Photography by Nathan Beels

Summer is hot in more than one way; it's also the season of hot peppers! Try this cocktail that showcases the habanero pepper alongside another summer favorite, the tomato.  


13. Stone Fruit Liqueur

stone fruit 2
Photography by Jo Ann Santangelo

After enjoying the delectable stone fruits of summer, put your pits to good use. If you're up for a DIY challenge, try making your own liquer out of stone fruit pits. We promise it will be worth the work. 

Compiled by Jennifer Lawrence