7 Stories to Inspire Summer Travel

Now that summer has finally arrived, vacation season is upon us! Whether it's the tapas bars of Spain, or a historic dance hall just miles outside of Austin, this list will have you itching to plan your next summer getaway.


1. The Schulenburg Sentinels

fest 010
Photography by Layne Lynch

An hour-and-a-half drive outside Austin and Houston, the city of Schulenburg is a rich melting pot of culture and character. The historic town contains cuisines such as fried chicken and fruit pies, as well as community hubs like the dance spot Sengelmann Hall. This town definitely provides no shortage of entertainment for locals and visitors alike.


2. A Gift of the House

spain 1
Photography by Vivé Griffith

Granada, a city in Southern Spain, is filled with tapas bars that feature snapshots of the local cuisine. In Granada, the small plates are considered a gift of the house, and are served free alongside the order of a drink. Tapas can be found throughout Spain, adding to the culture and community of the country.  


3. Island Infusions

Photography by Craig Fujii

From Huli Huli chicken roasted on a giant spit, to Canh Chua Chay soup filled with mushrooms, okra and tofu, Hawaii is full of interesting plates. The island's food offerings can be either traditional or the result of cultural fusion, and reflect the blending of indigenous and non-indigenous cultures that shape the island.


4. Cuba’s Farm-to-Table Paladar Movement

El Paraiso vista
Photography by Jean Warneke

Paladares are restaurants that can be found throughout Cuba, and most contain farm-to-table foods grown by locals for both nature and necessity. A country that has recently opened up to U.S. travelers, Cuba boasts sights, sun and sustainable foods that set it apart as a country to visit. 


5. Johnson City

JohnsonCity whitneymartinphoto 112
Photography by Whitney Martin

Just past the junction of Highways 290 and 281, Johnson City sits as a rapidly changing location. A sweet, family-centered country town, the city has gained many new businesses, eateries, wineries and galleries, making it a unique spot inside the cradle of the Pedernales River Valley.


6. Penang’s Culinary Traditions

Roasted Pork Campbell Street Market
Photography by Kat Fatland

From plates of rich noodles to slices of roast duck on top of savory rice, the food offerings in Penang, a small, Southeast Asian island, are rooted in tradition. Over the years, migrants brought new ingredients and ideas into the country, and helped to create the island's rich and diverse food scene.


7. A Little Bite of Culture

Photography by Lisa Masé

In Italy, aperitivo is the blending of drinks and appetizers that occurs before dinner, and serves to showcase the country's perfected pairings. Italy is known for it's unique cuisine, and aperitivo's cheese, pasta and bread offerings alongside it's crafted cocktails hold true to that title. 

Compiled by Meara Isenberg