10 Frozen Treats for a Summer Sweet Tooth

As the last days of summer approach us, so do some sweltering temperatures. But fear not, these 10 frozen dessert recipes will help keep you cool and content until autumn arrives.


1. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Philadelphia Style) 

Photography by Jessica Maher

Fresh mint and whole milk make all the difference in this homemade ice cream. Skip a trip to the store and make your own batch of classic mint chocolate chip—your taste buds will thank you for it.


2. Picante Galia Melon Ice Pops

Photography by Whitney Arostegui

With some ice pop molds or spare shot glasses, fresh melon juice can be easily frozen into the ideal treat for a sunny day. Combining the lightly sweet taste of a galia melon with simple syrup and freshly-squeezed lime juice, these pops will cool you off.


3. Cherry Green Smoothie


For something healthy to sip on this summer, combine fruits and greens into a smoothie. Cinnamon, oils and collagen protein round out this wholesome smoothie recipe.


4. Lavender Ice Cream


Sweetened with agave syrup and accented with dried lavender, this custard-based ice cream is the ideal dessert for a summer afternoon. With the floral taste of lavender added into the ice cream, you may never go back to plain vanilla.


5. Leche Merengada (Meringued Milk)


Leche Merengada is a traditional Spanish dessert made using whole milk, cinnamon and egg whites. Follow this recipe from Lenoir owner and pastry chef Jessica Maher for a refreshing, cinnamon-flavored drink.


6. Texas Watermelon Sorbetto


For a non-dairy frozen treat, opt for a bowl of sweet watermelon sorbetto. Grab a watermelon while they are still in season (until October) and use it to whip up this simple, fruity dessert.


7. Peach Smoothie


Peaches are in season until late August, so don't wait to grab some from the grocery store or your local farmers market. Combine them with our custard-based vanilla ice cream recipe (below) and enjoy this simple-but-sweet smoothie.


8. Vanilla Ice Cream (Custard Based)


Vanilla ice cream is the basic building block to a delicious dessert, so it's quite important to get it right. This custard-based vanilla ice cream recipe is a great base for add-ins such as chocolate chips, nuts or whatever else satisfies your sweet tooth.


9. Mulberry Sorbet


Mulberries are reddish berries that resemble elongated blackberries, and ripen in the summertime. Mix them into this not-too-sweet sorbet for a tasty ice cream alternative.


10. Since-You-Asked Frozen Margarita

Photography by Aimee Wenske

It doesn't get more classic than a frozen margarita. The addition of Paula's Texas Orange Liquer puts a Texas-twist on this ice-blended drink.

Compiled by Meara Isenberg