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10 Recipes to Take Camping

Central Texas' prime camping weather is here, and we’re getting ready with a few of our favorite campfire recipes. Just because you’re missing your kitchen, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on flavor. Whether you’re setting up your tent in the backyard or along the Pedernales, these recipes range from roughing it, to “glamping,” and everything in between.


1. Campfire Roasted Mushroom Pizza

Campground Cooking 0065
Photography by Thomas Winslow

Grilling isn’t reserved just for burgers anymore. A campfire-toasted crust adds a rustic flavor to a comforting favorite: pizza. Pair with your favorite local brew and you’ve got the perfect outdoor meal.


2. Campfire Sausages with Grilled Vegetables and Salsa Verde

Campground Cooking 8407
Photography by Thomas Winslow

Pack an iron skillet for your camping trip and you’ll never be without a delicious meal. Take sausage and your favorite in-season vegetables to the campfire and spice them up with fresh salsa verde. Pro-tip on keeping your ingredients fresh: pack the sausage frozen.


3. Campfire Queso Fundido

Campground Cooking 9949
Photography by Thomas Winslow

A great way to pack food for a camping trip is to bring items you can use for multiple meals. If you’re already taking sausage, why not use bring enough to use twice? Sausage and queso fundido are a match made in heaven. Add fire-roasted tortillas on the side, and you’ve got a great snack, appetizer or meal — it just depends on how hungry you are from the camping!


4. Campfire Chicken Under a Brick

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Photography by Thomas Winslow

This recipe is one you’ll have to plan for, as brining the chicken for 24 hours prior is the best way to get all that juicy flavor. Depending on your experience, the dish might be one you want to save for “glamping” in the backyard, as packing a whole chicken and lugging it to a campsite should be left to the outdoor fanatics.


5. Campfire Candied Sourdough

candied sourdough
Photography by Artur Rutkowski and Louise Lyshoj

Toasted marshmallows are a childhood classic — however, not all of us can handle that powerful sugar rush. If you're looking for something different, try a deliciously sweet, easy recipe you can make with your favorite fresh, in-season fruit. We recommend some Texas strawberries!


6. Bean Burritos on the Trail

DSC 7182
Courtesy of Eve Chenu

If you’re a seasoned hiker, you know your way around a dehydrator. With this recipe, we’re taking the wilderness factor up a notch and helping you plan for a multi-day hiking trip. These bean burritos are an easy meal for the first day of your journey.


7. Pasta on the Trail

DSC 7315
Courtesy of Eve Chenu

Everyone knows no camping excursion is complete without a gourmet pasta dinner. Or is it just me? Well then, I say let's get this trend started together. Once you have a recipe as easy as this tomato bell pepper sauce up your sleeve, you'll never want to take a trip without it. 


8. Gluten-Free Chili Mac on the Trail

DSC 7194
Courtesy of Eve Chenu

After the sun sets and things get a bit chilly in the tent, there's nothing quite like warm and comforting meal. Chili mac is filling, delicious and loaded with much-needed protein — beans are always a camping favorite after all. 


9. Mushroom Bison Stroganoff on the Trail

DSC 7047
Courtesy of Eve Chenu

This recipe sounds luxurious even off the trail, but we'll make it easy for you to eat like royalty, even when you're sleeping with the animals! You can always substitute ground beef for bison depending on what's available from your local butcher. 


10. Camping Overnight Oats

markus spiske 734165 unsplash
Photography by Markus Spiske

After a night of sleeping under the stars, overnight oats are a perfect, easy way to start your morning. This recipe can be made non-dairy by using your favorite milk alternative and, if you're feeling wild, you can also add some dried fruit on top.  


Compiled by Mika Locklear