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10 Beer-Centric Dishes and Drinks

From three different kinds of micheladas to a beer-can chicken and, yes, even dessert, these recipes all feature something we Central Texans love — beer. And, as always, we recommend using your favorite local brew for these dishes and drinks. We all know there’s no shortage of breweries to choose from.


1. Basic Michelada

basic michelada
Photography by Whitney Arostegui

While some beer enthusiasts would like to keep the purity of their brews intact, we say there's nothing wrong with adding a little spice! This basic michelada can cool you down on a hot day and transport you to the beaches of México — a vacation in a chili-rimmed chalice. 


2. Asian Michelada

asian michelada
Photography by Whitney Arostegui

If you're a fan of getting wild with cocktails, this spin on the michelada is right up your alley. Instead of the classic Clamato juice, Worcestershire and lime, this concoction throws sriracha, soy sauce and minced garlic into the mix. Asian fusion has been a longtime Austin favorite and this michelada does not disappoint. 


3. Michelada Cubana

michelada cubana
Photography by Whitney Arostegui

This one's not for the faint of heart. Made with a chile piquín rim and dashes of Valentina hot sauce, the michelada Cubana will have your tastebuds on fire one minute and refreshed the next. And as all michelada lovers know, adding some salsa Maggi into the mix is an absolute must. 


4. "Two-and-a-Half-Beer-Can" Smoked Chicken

beer can chicken
Photography by Kate LeSueur

While sticking a beer can up a chicken may not be what immediately comes to mind when planning a summertime afternoon, you won't be sorry you did. This recipe calls for a half can of beer for yourself — the best part of cooking with beer — and the rest for the smoked chicken. 


5. Frijoles Borrachos A La Charra

frijoles borrachos
Photography by Lucinda Hutson

These borracho or "drunken" beans can be made with sausage or bacon from your favorite local butcher, or leave the meat out to make a vegetarian dish. Serve up a heaping spoonful with freshly chopped tomatoes, serranos, cilantro, onions and homemade tostada chips or crunchy chicharrónes. 


6. Robert Earl Keen's Chili

robert earl keen chili
Photography by Kate LeSueur

This is another recipe that calls for half a beer for the chef. Whether you're a yes beans or no beans-er, you can't deny the excellent flavors in this recipe. 


7. Beach Blanket Fish Fry

beach fish fry
Courtesy of Mark Lawley

A fishing trip isn't complete without deliciously preparing your catch of the day. And what's better than a good old fashioned fish fry by the beach? This simple beer batter is something that can be whipped up and fried either indoors or out, depending on how you like to rough it. 


8. Beer Battered Bread

beer battered bread
Photography by Whitney Arostegui

When you're a beer lover, why stick to soda bread when you can make beer bread? In this recipe, beer serves as a substitute for yeast and water. Just be careful not to overwork the dough, and you'll have a deliciously easy bake! 


9. Chocolate Root Beer Cake

root beer cake
Photography by Jody Horton

When talking about beer, we can't forget root beer — or dessert. Brews can be used in so many ways! Root beer allows for a rich and delicious cake even without the recipe being too involved. 


10. Brown Ale Cake with Cocoa Dots

brown ale cake
Photography by Jody Horton

This dessert has a higher level of difficulty to make, but is so worth it. Impress your friends with your modeling chocolate skills and a new twist on their favorite brown ale. It'll be a fantastic centerpiece at your next party. 

Compiled by Mika Locklear