Texas May Wine


Bring out your grandmother’s crystal punch bowl set, or pour the May wine into a tall glass pitcher or wide-mouthed jar and garnish with whole strawberries, rose petals, purple pansies and fragrant herb sprigs. Add a generous dose of chilled dry rosé bubbly right before serving and raise a glass to the season!

Fairly difficult

Texas May Wine


For 1 Batch(es)


  • 3 bottles of chilled German Riesling, young Mosel or a favorite fruity Texas white wine
  • 1 small fist-sized bouquet of sweet woodruff or frangrant sweet herbs - 2 or 3 long sprigs of intense herbs such as lavender and Mexican mint marigold, filled in with plenty of sweet-flavored lemon thyme, lemon balm, salad burnet, and pineapple sage (option
  • 3/4 pounds organic strawberries, crushed with several tablespoons of sugar, to taste (reserve 6 whole)
  • 2 cups (or more) Treaty Oak Antique Barrel Reserve gin
  • 1 bottle chilled rose cava (such as Jaume Serra Cristalino) or other bubbly
  • 1 pounds (or more) whole organic strawberries with hulls for floating in punch and as garnish

Texas May Wine Directions

  1. Pour the wine into a large glass container.
  2. If using aromatic herbs, tie them with twine, crush lightly to release flavor and steep in the wine for several hours or overnight. (Remove them if the flavor gets too strong.)
  3. Poke the 6 reserved strawberries with a fork to release flavor and add them to the wine.
  4. A few hours before serving, remove the herbs and discard.
  5. Remove and crush the 6 reserved strawberries, adding them to the sweetened and crushed strawberries, and then add the whole mixture to the wine. Chill well.
  6. To serve, make a small slit in the whole strawberries (with hulls) and “hook” them onto the edges of long-stemmed wine glasses before filling. Or pour the May wine into a pitcher or punch bowl and float whole strawberries, rose petals, Johnny jump-ups, pansies and/or wild violets and pretty blue star-shaped borage flowers.
  7. (Note: Do not add ice to the punch bowl or pitcher, but add a few cubes to each glass.) Liberally splash each serving of May wine with sparkling rosé and enjoy!

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