Texas Farmers Market April 3 2020

What's On Our Counter

We’re always trying new local products. Take a look at what our staff is enjoying this month.

Bee Tree Farm & Dairy

If you caught a glimpse of the cover of our Outdoor issue, you already know that we can’t get enough of local cheesemaker Bee Tree Farm & Dairy. Not only are the goats on the farm completely enchanting, there’s also something about their fresh, creamy goat-milk cheese that we’ve fallen head over heels for. Maybe it’s the influence of this warm weather, but our current favorite is a cheese called Diablito, a chipotle-honey chèvre. It perfectly combines the creaminess of the dairy with the spice of the chipotle; all you need is a bag of good crackers to finish it off. Find it at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, Boggy Creek’s farm stand and Texas Farmers Market at Mueller.


Steamies Dumplings

Steamies is a local provider of perfectly sized, beautiful dumplings that are ready to take home. The dumplings come frozen; simply sear and steam them before chowing down. Options include chicken and shiitake, pork and cabbage (an office favorite), and a vegan option with seasonal veggies. It takes only 10 minutes to get these made-from-scratch dumplings ready to eat. And if you’re a dumpling-cooking novice, check out the how-to videos on their website. Find Steamies Dumplings at the Texas Farmers Market locations at Mueller and Lakeline or place an order online.


Texas Keeper Cider

We’ll take all the delicious varieties of Texas Keeper Cider any day of the week, but our year-round favorite is hands down the Texas Keeper No. 1. This bubbly beverage is their flagship cider, built on the tradition of blending apple varieties to create more complex flavors. The 2017 Keeper blends six apple varieties and is on the drier side, giving it a crisp taste. With subtle hints of pear, raspberry and melon, this is not one to pass up. Find Texas Keeper Cider at local grocers and farmers markets, or visit their taproom in Manchaca.
12521 Twin Creeks Rd., Manchaca


Bee Delightful

When you buy a jar of raw honey from local business Bee Delightful, you are supporting its mission to rescue and relocate millions of bees from residential properties in Central Texas. As a bonus, the blended honey contains cannabidiol (CBD), a legal, non-psychoactive byproduct of cannabis that’s often used to help with various ailments ranging from anxiety to arthritis. The Canna Bees Rescue Blend is sourced from wild, treatment-free colonies—including Bee Delightful’s own rescue hives. Recommended in 1-teaspoon servings, the blend is perfect for sweetening a cup of tea or pairing with cheese. Find the honey at Thom’s Market, People’s Rx and Wheatsville Food Co-op.


By Darby Kendall • Photography by Jenna Northcutt