What's on Our Counter

Take a look at what our staff is enjoying this month.

Meridian Hive

Mead has moved well beyond the Middle Ages, thanks to local beverage artisans like Meridian Hive. For those unfamiliar with the drink, mead is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey and water, often with other natural ingredients added for varying flavors. Meridian Hive, started in 2012 by Mike Simmons and Eric Lowe, offers a lightly carbonated draft mead in cans or a traditional still mead sold in bottles. Pictured is their draft mead, Trinity, an off-dry sparkling mead with a vibrant honey taste. Find their many mead varieties at retailers around Austin, including Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods, Twin Liquors, Total Wine and H-E-B.
8120 Exchange Dr., Ste. 400


The Mediterranean Chef

In our office, good hummus is worth its weight in gold — so Grandma’s Hummus, from local food artisan The Mediterranean Chef, is practically treasure to us. The makeup of the dip itself is relatively simple — the hummus contains fewer than 10 ingredients — but the flavor is rich, and the texture has an unforgettable creaminess to it. For fellow fans of Mediterranean flavor, they also sell baba ghanoush, tabbouleh and falafel bites. Find them at The Mediterranean Chef Cafe in Northwest Austin, and at many local markets including Royal Blue Grocery, Peoples Rx, Whole Foods Market, Wheatsville Food Co-op and H-E-B.
5908 Aurora Dr.


Onion Creek Kitchens

As Texans, we often see the word salsa and think of tortilla chips and Tex-Mex. However, salsa encompasses a variety of sauces, including the Italian salsa verde, a delicious blend of olive oil, lemon juice, anchovies, capers and more. Onion Creek Kitchens at Juniper Hills Farm makes the Italian staple in Dripping Springs, with flavors that pack a punch. Their salsa verde Italiano is perfect with pasta, lamb chops, fish, bruschetta and grilled veggies. Find their salsa at their Hill Country farm and for sale on their website.
5818 R.R. 165, Dripping Springs


Cocoa Puro

We have a unique treat to share with our fellow chocoholics! The Kakawa cocoa beans from local artisan Cocoa Puro have five different types of chocolate in one bite, which makes for a blissful blending of flavors. These treats start with fresh-roasted cocoa beans, which are covered in layers of white, milk and dark chocolate, respectively — all topped off with a layer of velvety cocoa powder. The outside of the beans have a smooth texture, while the cocoa bean inside is crunchy, with a consistency reminiscent of chocolate-covered espresso beans. Find the dipped cocoa beans on their website, at Whole Foods Market on Lamar and at SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown.


By Darby Kendall • Photography by Jenna Northcutt