Kitchen Space

Until last November, Soraiya Nagree worked in splendid isolation, creating pastries at a small certified kitchen for her Luxe Sweets bakery and catering company. But that was before she and her husband, Azim, converted an old theater into three industrial kitchens, a walk-in cooler and a dining/tasting room. They call it The Kitchen Space, and Soraiya was her own first client. 

The Nagrees opened their rent-a-kitchen business because they had the inside scoop that Austin chefs needed one. “When I was looking for a kitchen, people would say no, they didn’t know of one, but if I found one, please let them know. It was an untapped market,” she says.

Consider it tapped. Within weeks of opening, 10 regular clients had signed on, including Rios Brazilian Café Foods and Sweets, and San Miguel Seafood. Various caterers, personal chefs and farmers market vendors fill in the blanks with one-time rentals.

Almost immediately, the various foodies coalesced into a family. “We really get along, because the spaces are very separate,” Soraiya says. “You can be as secluded as you want, but if you want company, you get it.”

You can also get plenty of free samples. “It’s taste this, taste that, all day long,” Soraiya says happily. “For a while, my husband was convinced we’d never have to go to the grocery store again.”

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