For the Love of Peaches

It’s that time of year when Central Texans hop in their cars and search for those signs lining the winding roads in the Hill Country – “Peaches For Sale.” You can also find peach fans flocking to farmers markets far and wide in search of that summertime sweetness. 

As an ode to this favorite Texas fruit, we’re helping you create an all-peach meal from start to finish.


Fresh, bright, light and fruity. These cocktails and mocktails are always a delicious way to drink your fruit.
stonefruit liqueur
Photography by Jo Ann Santangelo


the kentucky peach
Photography by Jody Horton


peach sangria
Photography by Jody Horton


peach tea
Photography by Whitney Arostegui


peach shrub
Photography by Alison Narro


Dip your toe into the peachy pool with these bites. Quick, easy and delicious, these recipes are a great way to keep your guests snacking while you’re finishing the main course.
chevre crostini
Photography by Nathan Beels


IMG 6898
Photography by Jody Horton


peach habanero
Photography by Jody Horton


pickled peaches
Photography by Sara Cervera via Unsplash


Summertime and barbecue are two pea(che)s in a pod. Adding tangy, savory flavors to these fruits is the perfect twist to your grilling adventures.
peach quail
Photography by Jody Horton


peach pork chops
Photography by Angie Mosier


No recipe will ever beat grandma’s peach cobbler, but we sure can try. Lavender whipped cream, a crispy crumble and raspberries are just a few ways to throw your hat into the ring.
peach shortcake
Photography by Jody Horton


peach parfait
Courtesy of Fischer & Wieser


peach crisp pie
Photography by Casey Woods
Compiled by Mika Locklear