Bake Some Holiday Cheer


Looking for the best holiday treats to share or satisfy your own sweet tooth? We’ve compiled seven recipes of our favorite baked confections to make your holidays ever sweeter and more memorable.


Florettas (Rosettes) and Chocolate

Lenoir’s Jessica Maher inherited a set of vintage rosette irons from her grandmother (who called them florettas) and still uses them in this rosette cookie recipe.

gingerbreadPhotography by Knoxy

Dark and Spicy Gingerbread

This moist gingerbread is adapted from The Gift of Southern Cooking by Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock. This version uses Steen's Pure Cane Syrup and is delicious all by itself or dressed up with poached pears or apples, whipped cream or lemon curd.


pralinesPhotography by Knoxy

Crispy Pecan Pralines (PRAY-LEENS)

These Texas pralines courtesy of Tabatha Stephens.


christmascookiesPhotography by Jody Horton

Mantecados (Spanish Christmas Cookies)

"I studied abroad in Seville, Spain, during college. Right before the holidays, a little pastry shop opened across the street from my apartment. They sold these round little cookies in a variety of flavors, wrapped beautifully in wax paper. I've dreamed about them (and talked incessantly about them) ever since. This is a variation on what I remember and is every bit as delicious." —Jessica Maher, Lenoir

jellydonutsPhotography by Jody Horton

Hanukkah Sufganiyot (Jelly Doughnuts)

Fried foods are served during Hanukkah to represent the miracle of the oil that burned in the Temple for eight days. Latkes are probably more familiar, but Israeli Jews claim the pleasantly yeasty and sweet sufganiyot as a delicacy all their own. —Jessica Maher, Lenoir

ChristmasStollenPhotography by Jody Horton