Capital Farm Credit


Generations of experience. 

This July, Capital Farm Credit celebrates its centennial. For 100 years, the company has been financing rural agricultural producers, agribusiness firms and country homeowners across the state of Texas. Their cooperative business model allows the farmers, ranchers, businesses and homeowners to have a say in the business and a share in the profits. Many of the same farms, ranches, vineyards, orchards and other organic or culinary businesses—even beekeeping operations—that we write about in Edible Austin got their start (and continue to get support) thanks to the help of Capital Farm Credit. And this year, the company awarded $23,000 in grants to qualifying farmers’ markets, helping to keep these viable forms of marketing open and alive for farmers, ranchers and their customers. 

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And while “many people know of Capital Farm Credit as helping to finance and advance rural America,” says Hector Martinez, a senior lending officer, “many don’t know that we also finance the construction of unique properties and homes—anything that is not in your typical neighborhood or subdivision, and something that many traditional banks and mortgage companies won’t finance.” For example, the construction of “barndominiums” is on the rise—multipurpose, versatile buildings that function as living quarters and workspaces suited for anything from tractor storage or tack rooms to automotive storage. The key is that they are designed and built according to the customer’s specific needs. Martinez admits that “lending isn’t always sexy,” and that most of it consists of looking at numbers and helping to make it happen. “But, if we can do it, we step in, we provide education up front and we loan people the money they need to help them fulfill their dreams.”  ||  70 offices accross Texas  ||  877-944-5500