World Interiors


World-Class Furniture with a Global Conscious.

When traveling, especially internationally, being a furniture connoisseur can be hard: That hand-carved teak bookshelf you just fell in love with in Bangkok won’t exactly fit in a suitcase. That’s where World Interiors comes in—a sustainability-driven, world-centric design company headquartered in Austin. Headed by Hank Cravey, the company has flourished over the years, thanks in part to the eclectic mix of furnishings, home accents and lighting fixtures Cravey designs to fit every style: rustic, traditional, modern and industrial. The company’s success can also be attributed to Cravey’s commitment to ensuring products are crafted from environmentally friendly materials—like reclaimed pinewood and recycled cast iron—and use sustainable practices such as sourcing from non-protected woods and using water-based finishing. Customers who step into the showroom not only feel worlds away without leaving Austin; they also feel good about their decision to purchase from World Interiors, knowing their product was manufactured with the highest attention to detail and sustainability.  ||  3910 S. Industrial Dr., Suite 100  ||  512-821-1302