Edible Must-Haves

Here at Edible Austin, we seek out, review, ponder, write about and enjoy lots and lots of delicious, fresh local foods—pretty great job perk, yes? But our team also fancies celebrating that local abundance at home by rattling the old pots and pans. For this year’s Cooks issue, we thought it’d be fun to share with you our team picks for a couple of must-have kitchen tools. If you’d like, share yours with us on Instagram using #edibleaustincooks

kitchen tools 2

Ah-So Wine Opener

Growing up, I always used our Ah-So wine-opener for the church key on the handle. Then, as I got older, it was the first wine opener my dad taught me to use. It’s better for aged wines, but I like that it gets the cork out whole without putting a hole in it. It took me a few bottles to get the hang of it, but now if my wine doesn’t come with a screw top or in a can, I always look for my Ah-So and then call my dad to discuss my newest wine find.

-Jenna Northcutt, Publisher

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Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Hand-Crank Flour Sifter

Nobody wants to bite into a dessert and come across a chunk of flour—eating baked goods should be nothing less than pure bliss! Enter the sifter, one of my favorite tools to use while baking. Though sieves also work to break down dry ingredients, the hand-crank sifter is easier to use in my opinion (and there’s something oddly satisfying about turning the handle). And it gets bonus points for adding a touch of nostalgia to the kitchen; its design has been going strong since the Victorian era!

-Darby Kendall, Digital Content Manager, Contributor

kitchen tools 1

Vintage Frosted-Glass Champagne Flutes

These beauties are my absolute favorite things in the world, and they have been ever since I was a little girl. I inherited them from my grandmother on my 21st birthday—she remembered that during my childhood, I would beg her for permission to play with them whenever I came over for a visit. There is just something about their upbeat aqua color and the texture of the frosted glass that makes my heart so happy. What better way to jazz up any celebration?

-Dawn Weston, Associate Publisher

kitchen tools 7

AMCO 12-inch Rust-Proof Tongs

Wake up! Tongs are sexy and exciting! I have a million pairs, but I reach for this guy almost daily, while smugly eschewing his frustrating brothers and sisters. Why? Well, he’s the perfect length to safely reach into the oven, flip stuff in a hot sauté pan or fish a shot glass out of the disposal…SO I HEAR. He also has the right spring tension. This is hugely important because if the tension is too high, the tongs are difficult to use for long periods of time without getting unflattering and debilitating hand/thumb ache/cramp. Most importantly, he’s sturdy enough and loud enough when rapidly clacked together to hide up a sleeve and pretend he’s your claw hand as you chase a happily squealing child around the kitchen island while declaring you’re Tongo from the planet Utensilus sent to Earth to pinch kid bottoms…SO I HEAR.

-Kim Lane, Editor

kitchen tools 5

Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

From veggie burgers and stir-fries to pesto, hummus and salad dressings, I use garlic almost daily. (And I just harvested the first garlic crop from my backyard garden, too!) Last year, at a class on how to make paella, I happily discovered this garlic rocker, which crushes and minces cloves uniformly and with minimal effort. Simply press down with both hands, rock the clove back and forth, and bam! Little pieces of juicy garlic goodness are ready to be spooned into whatever dish you’re making. Bonus: Your hands won’t smell like the pungent herb. It’s little things like this in the kitchen that make cooking so satisfying.

-Anne Marie Hampshire, Copy Editor, Contributor 

kitchen tools 3

KitchenAid Immersion Blender

Every morning, I bond with my immersion blender as I make my butter coffee (French-pressed, locally roasted coffee + grassfed cow’s butter + MCT oil). This has been my ritual almost every single day for over two years. Another special moment I spend with this appliance is when I load up on antioxidants with my weekly blueberry and parsley smoothie. I also save so much time with it when I need to puree butternut squash soup, make a roasted sweet potato puree for a scallop dish or whip up a creamy avocado salad dressing (pro tip: thin any salad dressing with sauerkraut brine for added salt and probiotics). So many uses and far fewer dirty dishes!

-Rachel Davis, Marketing Specialist

kitchen tools 4

KitchenAid Classic Nonstick Loaf Pan

Baking is the bomb, and I would be lost without my nonstick loaf pan. It’s so versatile that I can use it to bake everything from bread to layer bars. My favorite use for the pan, though, is using it to turn my overripe bananas into warm banana bread.

-Meara Isenberg, Intern