Texas Farmers Market Leaderboard Oct 2020

Publisher's Note

With so much to celebrate, it’s entirely appropriate that this is our Beverage Issue and toasting is in order.

First, a toast to our newest Edible team member, Dawn Jordan, who is joining us as Advertising Director and Events Coordinator. We have always held that our mission to grow community goes beyond our printed pages and spills into our signature community events and fundraisers. We are excited to bring a fresh focus to creating these events with each new issue. Watch for details about our Sipping Social, a vintage-themed celebration of the Beverage Issue coming up on June 21.

And here’s a toast to our advertising partners who make it possible for us to bring our mission to life. We would not be telling the stories and growing the local food community without you. Our 2013–14 events calendar showcases and celebrates these partnerships.

We’re also celebrating our move to publish six issues a year beginning in January 2014. We’re growing our staff and family of contributors to accomplish this now, as we typically work six to twelve months in advance of publication. We’re also increasing our press run to 40,000 beginning with this summer issue (another toast!). Our expansion in circulation and frequency will allow us to tell more stories and reach more readers in more places.

Another toast is in order to the formation of a much-needed resource in our community, Austin Food For Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing a healthier Austin food community, including helping food and beverage industry professionals, farmers and artisans access affordable health care. Austin Food For Life will be the beneficiary of our Sipping Social event.

A final toast goes out to two of our contributors who have books coming out just in time for our Beverage Issue, Lucinda Hutson and David Alan. Appropriately focused on tequila and cocktails, respectively, you’ll find excerpts from the books—with recipes—inside. Please plan to join us in celebrating with them at upcoming Edible events at BookPeople and at our Sipping Social.
I’ll leave you with one of the little dichos (sayings used for toasts in Spanish) sprinkled throughout Lucinda’s book, ¡Viva Tequila!

Panza llena,                              Full stomach,
Corazón contento.                     Happy heart.