Spring 2010

spring2010Spring Chicken

Spring is the season for preparing food gardens and for hatching chickens. I apologize in advance to our readers who are not fans of the feathered fowl, as there is an abundance of chicken-related material within this issue. If you've made it past our cover, that’s a promising sign. And you don't have to raise chickens to love the egg-rich recipes shared by Elizabeth Winslow (Cooking Fresh), Lucinda Hutson and Tipsy Texan David Alan (his recipes for flip cocktails below). But for those who want to venture beyond the gastronomic rewards, we encourage you to explore the benefits and pleasures of chicken husbandry, if just vicariously.

ABOUT THE COVER by Carol Ann Sayle, Boggy Creek Farm

The very beautiful matron hen Patty Wyandotte (almost 8 years old) is one of Aunt Penny's nieces. They are not genetically related—Aunt Penny, now deceased, was a Barred Rock; the Patties are Silver-laced Wyandottes—but Aunt Penny took care of the twin Patties long ago. Penny was two months old at the time and the Patties were one month old. They lived on the back porch and slept in the food bowl at night, with Aunt Penny's little wings draped over each of the wee Patties. This is how Penny attained her “Aunt” designation. It was such an experience for her, she declined to ever again repeat the “motherhood business.” In fact, she grew to detest the Patties. Photograph by Carole Topalian.


Publisher’s Note

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Notable Edibles

Yarn Harvest, Brown Coffee Company, Kocurek Family Artisanal Charcuterie, Funky Chicken Coop Tour, Haiku Contest Winners, Accessible Vegetables.

In Your Own Backyard

Still Waters’ community garden.


Odd Duck Trailer's Bryce Gilmore.

Edible Endeavors

Vital Farms
Dewberry Hill Farms
Coyote Creek Farm

Three Central Texas farms that are for the birds. 


Texas's New Boom

Wildcatting the olive industry.

Cooking Fresh

The Incredible Edible

Cooking with eggs.

Behind the Vines

Inwood Estates Vineyards

Back of the House


Glimpses behind the line at Aquarelle.

Part Two

Saving Our Soil

Life after dirt.

Seasonal Plate

Fabi + Rosi.

Root Causes

The winds of change.

Permie Pro

Making compost.


From Gate to Plate

The long road to making meat in Central Texas.

Department of Organic Kids

The chicken whisperer.

Tipsy Texan

Cracking an egg into the cocktail world.

Seasonal Muse

Dyeing for a flock.

What I Eat and Why

Le Wwoofing.


Handmade mozzarella.

La Casita de Buen Sabor

Deviled Eggs.

Eat Wild

Wild fruit wines.

Art de Terroir

The Art of Hatch Show Print at AMOA.

Web Exclusive

The World According to Carp.