Fall 2010


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Edible Austin is all about food. But is also (and just as importantly) about supporting the building of a deep local economy using local food as the driver. Think about it:

• When you hand the Starbucks clerk a $5 bill, say good-bye. It’s on its way to Seattle. When you hand a locally owned coffee shop your money, a much higher portion of that re-circulates in the Austin economy.

• When you choose the big brands, you are enriching corporations and their shareholders. When you select local products—especially at locally owned food stores like Farm to Market and Thom’s Market, as well as at Whole Foods Market, H-E-B and elsewhere—you are creating local jobs.

• When you purchase directly from the farmers market or farm stand, you are reducing our dependence on foreign oil and chemically addicted industrial agricultural corporations…and you are building community as you meet and establish ongoing relationships with those local vendors.

• When you dine at one of our many independent restaurants—especially those who source local food—you are supporting the entire local food and supply chain. When you dine at chain restaurants, you are likely sending your dollars to some remote location for food and supplies that have traveled back and forth across the globe.

TAKE THE EDIBLE CHALLENGE: For the next week, use cash for all your food and restaurant purchases. Don't use a discount card. As you hand over your hard-earned money, think about: WHO are you handing it to? WHERE is it going? HOW MUCH of it will stay in Austin, re-circulating and building a vibrant, deep local economy? 


ABOUT THE COVER Chip Tate of Balcones Distillery standing outside the distillery. Photograph by Dustin Meyer.


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Notable Edibles

Green Bucket Composting, El Naranjo, Snap Kitchen, Shared Earth, Changos and Manuels.


Salt & Time


Rene Ortiz

A man committed to family, food and the future.

Farmer's Diary

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Traveling the road less paved.

Edible Nation

Livelihoods at risk in the Gulf coast.

What's in Season

Persimmons in Texas

A storied and versatile fruit grows in Texas.


The New Face of Corn Whiskey

Balcones Distillery livens up the spirit world with Baby Blue.

Melting Pot

Beyond the Schnitzel

Local and authentic German fare breaks stereotypes.


Danika Boyle.

Back of the House

The Highball.

Cooking Fresh

Eating Raw

Local chefs take the heat out of the kitchen.
Kale with Spirulina, Courtesy of Chef Torie Wiley
Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowl, Courtesy of Chef Dave Myers, Daily Juice
Pasta Raw Fredo, Courtesy of Chef Marcus Antilla
Red Bell Pepper and Cashew Queso, Courtesy of Chef Marcus Antilla
Creamy Carrot Coconut Shooters, Courtesy of Chef Susan O’Brien, Hail Merry
Green Smoothie,
Courtesy of Chef Marcus Antilla
Live Vegan Whipped Cream, Courtesy of Chef Arielle Webb, Yummy Living Foods

Edible Destination

JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country.

Tipsy Texan

Whiskey a go-go.

In Your Own Backyard

Unity Community Garden.

Seasonal Plate

Eastside Cafe.

Behind the Vines

Haak Vineyards and Winery.

Edible Gardens

Herb appeal.

La Casita de Buen Sabor

Cheese balls.

Root Causes

When plants retire.

Sustainable Food Center

Teaching balance.

Seasonal Muse

Just between us...

Department of Organic Kids

What's on your plate?

Eat Wild

Black walnuts.

Art de Terroir

Romare Bearden.