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Travel 2013

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The Travel Issue

What we learn from other cultures, global cuisines and new experiences enriches our lies and our community at home. 


Last year we answered the question of why a local food magazine is producing a Travel Issue with the following: Travel allows us the time and space to feel more deeply, think more broadly and taste more fully. We find our common ground as we celebrate our differences and expand our horizons. What we learn from other cultures, global cuisines and new experiences enriches our lives and our community at home.

In this issue, we explore what we can take away from a trip to Bolivia to better understand the future of foodways. Amid all the turmoil in the Middle East, we take a moment to celebrate the riches of Syrian cuisine. A work trip to Hawaii might find us hunting ferns and other wild things. Did you know that you can find key ingredients to Thai street food growing right here in Central Texas on the Simmons Family Farm? And when planning your next family vacation, consider staying on a working farm—we’ll give you some tips on where to find them.


About the Cover

Chef Monica Pope of Sparrow Bar + Cookshop by Jenna Noel.

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Notable Edibles

4th Tap Brewing Co-op, Austin Food and Wine Alliance Grants, Wiseman Family Practice, Michael Angelo’s, W Austin Hotel.

PASSPORT to local

Future of Foodways

Learning from the Aymara food traditions.

From Street to Beach

Discovering tantalizing Thai street food.


New beginnings for this small town in Texas.

Syria-sly Delicious

Sampling Syria’s unique culinary treasures.

A Little Bite of Culture

Join us for an Italian aperitivo.

Stone Barns

Exploring destination farms for vacations.

The Wilds of Hawaii

Feasting on an open-air salad bar.

Old Delhi Spice Market

Visiting a culinary mecca.

On Cuban Time

Leaving schedules behind.


Edible Destination

Agri-newal in Brenham.


Farmers Diary

Simmons Family Farm.


Edible Excerpt

Everything Thai Cookbook.


Bryan Caswell.


Edible Destination

Houston goes local.


Edible Destination

Bastrop bounces back.


Edible Endeavors

On being Pieous.


Edible Destination

Small town renaissance in Hill Country North.



Pat Brennan.


Edible Endeavors

On the road to quality with direct trade.


Hip Girl’s Guide To Homemaking

Pickled pumpkin.


La Casita de Buen Sabor

Autumn peppers.