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Heirloom 2013

heirloom2013coverThe Heirloom Issue

“Eating is an agricultural act.” —Wendell Berry, The Pleasures of Eating
Every time we lift our fork we are supporting a farm somewhere. Increasingly, thanks to urban farms, we are supporting neighborhood farms in our own community. These farms grow healthy food, create jobs, serve as community hubs and give us the opportunity to experience the inherent value of the land.

Protecting our urban farms is key to creating a positive economic environment in Austin.
Earlier this year, the City began a process to update the Code Ordinance for our urban farms. The process was conducted over eight months of well-publicized and documented city-wide public hearings and input-gathering. As with any thoughtful and well-considered process, it brought multiple stakeholders to the table and compromises were made by all parties to accommodate multi-faceted concerns of both farmers and neighborhood groups.


ABOUT THE COVER Tamales from the Galindo family. Photography by Kate LeSueur.

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edible PAST TIMES 


Cultural Fold: The Austin Breakfast Taco

The history of breakfast tacos in Austin.


Table of Plenty

Wild foods on the Central Texas settlers‘ table.

Good Fortune Foods

Food superstitions to follow for good luck.


The Kindest Cut

Sharing the love of the kitchen.


The Galindo Family

Heirloom recipes from four generations of chefs.

Heritage Grains

Delve into the rich history of these seeds.



Publisher's Note

NOTABLE mentions 


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Cooking Up Spanish, Olive Oil Re-Examined, Fresh Chefs Society.



The Floreses of Mom and Pops.


Edible Brewing

Real Ale Brewing Company.

Edible Marketplace

Rosewood Community Market.

Farmers Diary

Milagro Farm.

Seasonal Muse

Dirt farming.

Edible Endeavors

Ming's Thing.

Social Cooking

Supper Clubs.

Cooks at Home

Suzanna Choffel.

Hip Girl’s Guide To Homemaking

The shrub.

La Casita de Buen Sabor

Grandma's piccalilli.