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Wellness 2014

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The Wellness Issue

My father is a retired physician, and as a faithful reader of JAMA (Journal of the American Medicine Association), he reported to me that in June of this past year, JAMA published a reprint of an article that appeared 100 years ago, on June 14, 1913, that he felt relevant to the readers of Edible Austin.

He gave me the clipping, with a handwritten note on it, "For Marla's Magazine," that I have saved in my desk drawer for the time I thought most appropriate to share. That time has come with this first of our new season of six issues: The Wellness Issue.

The first half of the reprint is a scolding of American culinary ineptitude, asserting that “neither states' rights nor slavery, but the fying-pan, brought on the Civil War; for frying encapsulated the food in a layer of fat impervious to the digestive juice, and the resulting indigestion aroused the mutual enmities and the berserker rage of our fathers.”

ABOUT THE COVER: Roasted Tomatoes. Photography by Knoxy.

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CORRECTION: We regret that we made a mistake in our printed issue and identified the wrong plant as Yaupon in the Cat Springs Yaupon Tea story. Please see corrected image in story here. If you're ever interested in foraging for wild edibles, please use these tips. 


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