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Wellness 2015

edibleaustin-38-coverThe Wellness Issue

A simple toast “to health and happiness” to start the new year belies the profundity of the relationship between these two enduring human quests.

Body, mind and spirit are necessarily intertwined, and whether we consciously pursue the soundness of each, or just appreciate their value in achieving the happiness equation, we know that without them, we are lost.

So what, then, constitutes good health? Awareness of what we put into the precious container that houses our intellectual and spiritual being: Feeding our bodies good food is fundamental. But peel that back a layer and consider what we put into the precious container that houses our ecosystem, i.e., the seas, the land and the planet we inhabit. What do we feed it?  More importantly, how are we impeding its ability to feed itself?

So in the spirit of renewal, I offer a toast to the new year.  In lieu of trying to compose this myself, I am suddenly finding deeper meaning in the lyrics of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.  Yellow Submarine = our planet.  Sing along with me!

ABOUT THE COVERMarmalade Tart by Thomas Winslow.

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Wellness Features


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Jump for these new cricket-based energy bars


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Meet the vegetable-whispering “lunch lady.”


Kombucha Makers

Get the stories behind four Austin brews.


GB Khalsa

Experience food as medicine.


Oatmeal Redux

Perk up your morning routine.


Food Safe

Making dining out safe for those with allergies.


NOTABLE edibles
Texas Keeper Cider
The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts
House Granola
Evergreen Chai

Edible Service
Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

Food Storage 101
Stash it or trash it

Farmers Diary
Bee Tree Farm.

Cooks at Home
One whole duck.

Cooking Fresh
Cooking with citrus.

Edible Gardens
Fruit trees.

Hip Girl’s Guide To Homemaking
Nutritional yeast.