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Outdoor 2015

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Conservation of our earth below the firmament has been eloquently championed in this country for decades by poets such as Wendell Berry and scientists such as Wes Jackson of the Land Institute. In many parts of the world, the land still holds ancient truths and is revered, but increasingly there is a global grab for its resources and treasure—not for preservation, but for consumption.

This issue is dedicated to those who are aware of the delicate balance between use and abuse and seek to live in sync with the natural world. We are lucky to have an “Outdoor” issue. As I walk through a meadow or along a creek bed, I often wonder how long humans will have the privilege of inhabiting the surface of this planet before having to swathe themselves in a protective dome or journey through space to find inhabitable worlds. Science fiction-esqe, perhaps, but not so unimaginable!

Herein, we tell the stories about the preservers in our midst in the form of pickle-maker Sam Addison and longhorn cattle ranchers Don and Debbie Davis. We write of the Picos family of Fiesta Tortillas, who continue to adhere to unadulterated recipes using non-GMO and organic grains. We reveal the mystical-seeming attributes of biodynamic farming and how farmer Bill McCranie grows off-the-charts-sweet blueberries by farming in harmony with the lunar calendar. And in true DIY outdoor-style, we present Feral, where under the watchful eye of Chris Houston, hunted bounty is hand butchered and packaged for multiple seasons’ worth of delicious family dining. And as long as we’re on the subject of DIY-ing, Hip Girl Kate Payne reveals the magic of making marshmallows at home for a sublime s’mores experience in your own backyard or on your next campout.

We must not take this earthly plane for granted. If we can simply live upon it gently and give back what we take from it, it is all we need.

ABOUT THE COVER: Feeding Buddy by Pauline Stevens.

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Outdoor Features


Indian Hills Farm

Learning patience from a handful of pecans.


The Biodynamic Way

Being in balance with nature for sweet results.


Breed 'Em Horns

One couple's commitment to an iconic Texas animal.


Eden East

Embracing the challenge of seasonal outdoor dining.




Conquering the intimidation of processing animals.


Niman3Niman Is a Pig's Best Friend

Creating a better way for pig ranchers.

Edible Endeavors
Wahoo's Seafood Co.

Edible Traditions
Fiesta Tortillas.

Cooks at Home
Mark Paul.

Edible Hospitality
The forces at the front of the house.

Cooking Fresh
Spring lamb feast with Hill Country wines.

What I Eat and Why
"J" is for jam.

Edible Gardens
Romancing the tomato.

Hip Girl’s Guide To Homemaking
The fluff stuff: homemade marshmallows.

La Casita de Buen Sabor
Mercurial March in a bowl.

Department of Organic Youth
A little green witch.