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Heirloom 2015

Heirloom-cover2The Heirloom Issue

It was a hot summer morning right after our Cooks issue hit the stands when self-declared “Edible Austin fan” Rhoda Russell called our office and left us several messages. The upshot of them was “I need phone numbers. Remember that not all of us have computers or are young; we need help a little bit.” She went on to say, “It would be helpful if you put phone numbers and addresses in these stories unless for some reason that’s illegal.” Referring to our story on Sala & Betty, she explained, “I don’t have a computer, but I’d like to go eat there and call them and see what’s up.”

The irony of this took my breath away. Our mission is all about connecting our readers to our story subjects—and here was a clear failure on our part to do so. Several years ago, we eliminated addresses and phone numbers with our stories and replaced them with website addresses, where, of course, you can go to find the phone numbers and location addresses. Unless you are elderly-and-not-tech-savvy. Unless you don’t have a computer. Unless you’re the new millennial who eschews digital-everything for back-to-basic methods of communicating.

In our push to stay current and relevant in the digital age, we inadvertently overlooked a core part of our purpose—making connections happen. Not everyone has a computer. Or, broadening the scope, not everyone wants to use a computer when a simple phone call would do. Or even a visit. So, Rhoda Russell, we hear you. As of this issue, we are putting phone numbers back into the contact information for stories—and adding contact information to more of our stories. After all, we are hopefully just the first step toward forging long and fruitful relationships between our readers and the subjects we write about. The more ways to connect us all, the better. 

Happy holidays, y’all.

ABOUT THE COVER: Berry Pie at The Frisco by Dustin Meyer.

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