Outdoor 2016

EdibleAustin-45-CoverThe Outdoor Issue

They nourish us. They cleanse and soothe us. They heal us. And occasionally they sting us.

Bees are essential to life on earth, for without them (and other pollinators) we’d have no food. The now well-documented fragility of their survival amid the disappearing diversity of pollen-host crops, use of GMO seeds (with the accompanying increase in pesticide application) and the bees’ vulnerability to trans-global pathogens and parasites have all resulted in new USDA funding for research and education on honeybee decline—as well as a growing chorus of call-to-actions by bee-activist and nonprofit organizations around the world. But what can we do in our own homes and gardens?

To embrace bees is to save them. In this issue you will find stories on many delightful ways to bring honey and bees into your life, from using honey in your personal care and beauty regimens to tips on how to become a honey “sommelier” by hosting a honey-flight brunch. You’ll find multiple recipes featuring honey, including making your own herbal honey rose wine, and we’ll introduce you to Central Bee Rescue, a honey co-op that finds homes for rescued beehives and Two Hives Honey, a business that teaches sustainable beekeeping for backyards and community gardens while putting comb honey on the menus at several Austin eateries.

ABOUT THE COVER: Biscuit enjoying some homemade dog food by Alison Narro.

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FRESH features

Apis1Hive Mentality
Apis Restaurant and Apiary is inspired and surrounded by beehives.




bellevie1Belle Vie Farm
It’s a beautiful life for all on the farm.




grains-1A Growing Market
Growing and milling Central Texas grains.



honey-1A Taste of Texas Honey
Find your favorite terroir for Texas honey.




dogfood1D.I.Y. Dog Food
Feeding Fido the very best.




czech-1Beyond the Czech-ered Cloth
Passing down Czech traditions.



Notable Edibles
Central Texas Bee Rescue
Solid Rock Brewing
Two Hives Honey

Chip McElroy of Live Oak Brewing.

edible THRIFT
Last of the larder.

edible BEAUTY
Honey beauty.

cooking FRESH
Mastering meatless.

what we're DRINKING
With outdoor.

department of ORGANIC YOUTH
Green Pease.

edible GARDENS

hip girl's guide to HOMEMAKING
Herbal wines.

la casita de BUEN SABOR
Lamb burgers sans bun.

Hitting pay dirt.