March/April 2019

coverMarch/April 2019

The phrase "We're all in this together" has never rang truer to us than recently. We are here to help support our local businesses and see them succeed, and we know that our readers and those local businesses will be there to support us as well.

So let's all take care of each other. If your garden is growing abundantly this year, consider donating some of those fresh fruits and vegetables to your local food pantry. Also, if you have native plants growing for those butterflies and bees to snack on, consider making or installing a native bee home as well.

We've taken a deeper dive into a grape varietal that withstands the Texas climate and has many local winemakers experimenting with new styles. We're also featuring a great story about a local bread maker whose enthusiasm for reviving an old ingredient has inspired local chefs and artisans, and will hopefully inspire you, too.

Cheers to supporting one another!

ABOUT THE COVER: Honeycomb in its frame from Two Hives Honey. Photography by Melanie Grizzel.

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sourdough smallStrange Magic

Working to keep up with demand for their snackable crackers.


two hives smallTwo Hives Honey

Connecting Austinites to honey straight from their neighborhood.



mesquite smallTrue Taste of Texas

Reviving this long-lost ingredient abundant in Central Texas.


wine smallDeep Red Mourvèdre

A deep dive into this grape varietal and the winemakers making it a favorite.



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