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’Tis an Easier Season

by Steve Wilson

The silent nights of the holidays are anything but silent when food sensitivities leave your stomach gurgling with sounds of revolt. That’s why No Cow Chocolate is rolling out an expanded line of dairy- and soy-free yuletide treats.

Getting festive is no big transition for a company founded on the need for an allergy-free Easter. “I had to replace my Cadbury Creme Eggs,” Sandy Phillips says of the time she learned she had food allergies. That was 2013, and it took a whole year for her and her husband, Scott, to perfect a recipe in the rarefied world of allergen-free chocolate. “It’s trickier to make this way,” she says. “We have to work fast and pay attention to what we’re doing so it doesn’t turn into frosting.”

The couple took the extra step of renting an industrial kitchen for their exclusive use to ensure that no leftover nuts or other contaminants would get into their mixes. And to produce their eight flavors including orange, raspberry and mint, they use only pure oils, which are free from problematic ingredients. The end result is a chocolate high in natural cocoa butterfat that satisfies the brain as well as the tongue.

The couple mostly sells their Christmas, Easter and Halloween lines via their website, but they’ve expanded into a growing roster of farmers markets and chocolate-friendly businesses around town, including Roaster’s Coffee Cafe and Big Top Candy Shop.

In the coming year, No Cow plans to roll out more ambitious creations—such as chocolate chips for restaurants that want to take their gluten-free pancakes to the next level of allergy-free goodness. It’s an idea Phillips may not have had if she wasn’t in the same boat as her customers. “I make it because I want to eat it,” she says.

For more info, visit nocownohow.com or call 512-410-5763.