Coddled Eggs

Which came first, the chicken or the industrialized egg supply chain that hauls around weeks-old, non-organic product? To get better eggs, you’ve either got to get to the farmers market before they sell out or raise your own poultry. But now there’s one more option: fresh eggs brought straight to your door by Green Hen Farm.

Owners Liz and Alvaro Mejia deliver their eggs (two dozen minimum) straight to customers who can’t make it to their stand at the Texas Farmers Market at Mueller. “You can have eggs in your house one or two days max after they’ve been laid,” says Alvaro. “You can see by the yolk that it’s a huge difference.”

Home delivery isn’t the farm’s only innovation. When Liz and Alvaro drew on their childhood experiences on farms to launch Green Hen this past January, they took pains to go easy on their feathered partners. They bought hundreds of Rhode Island Reds almost as soon as they’d hatched to ensure they’d be raised humanely from the start. The couple fusses over how to get their free-ranging hens more shade and water on their 100 acres in Goldthwaite, Texas, and they make their own feed from scratch—blending organic, non-GMO corn, soy and alfalfa from nearby farms. They also use vitamins, minerals and herbs instead of antibiotics to keep the chickens healthy, protect them with a complement of guard dogs and give their eggs the star treatment by stamping the company logo on each one. “We want to give the hens a good life,” says Alvaro.

Almost immediately after the hens started producing full time in the summer, delis and bakeries, such as Baguette et Chocolat in Bee Cave, came knocking. The couple plans to offer their supply to more restaurants as they expand their ranging area with an eye toward growing their own feed ingredients in the future. Meanwhile, they aim to keep the operation sustainable by turning chicken waste into compost and using recyclable egg containers. “We spend a lot of time on all the little details to make sure it’s a full circle,” says Liz.

By Steve Wilson

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