Bug Slayers

By Breez Smith    
Photography by Tamara Gallegos

You drillin soil for some oil,
Why don’t you just plant seeds?
Get the oil from your veggies and live life—fluidly.
It ain’t about the color of your skin
Or the rag around your neck,
It’s about food, which is the tool
Through which we can connect
It’s about who it came from and was it grown good,
For the soil, for the air
Good for you, good for your hood.
It ain’t about pity y’all,
It’s about celebration
Cause, like some veggies in a can,
Man, we just been waitin
To break out,
To see how many stink bugs we can take out
We making your crew move
You can call us hip hop
No wait – I mean Okra Flowers
Cause we’re at the tip top.
Tip top of our game.
Try and deny us
That’s what we claim.
Some bug slayers.
Yah we keep our beets in line.
We will wynn, like the mayor,
Because it’s our time.