Urban Roots Rap

By Daniel Gomez
Photography by Wylie Maercklein

As a youth, my biggest goal was to be the change
to start small and impact the world one day
I know it may sound insane
but I’m out to say that I can
So I chose farming and agriculture as my experiment
             So I chose the program of Urban Roots
I was taught how to farm and live healthy and produce foods
For that I have a heart to start volunteering,
to be the change starting in my community
See the importance of food is really valuable
and the value of food at times we take for granted
Although it may seem like we have enough,
but what happens to our brothers and sisters in other areas,
that are less fortunate than us?
So how about it? It’s time to make a change
We have nothing to lose; in fact we have much to gain
So lets be thankful and appreciate
Don’t just sit there as life is passing you by
It’s time to make a change and stand up for what is right

Meet Danny, Darriyan and Raynesh and other Urban Roots youth at events during Edible Austin Eat Drink Local Week, December 3–10.